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Andrew Ecker, born from the Apache – born to the Irish of Drumming Sounds – a professional drum circle facilitation company, has facilitated drum-circle building ceremonies for the Havsupai Nation, the Navajo Nation, and The Hopi Nation. Andrew has also facilitated drum circles for Gila River Indian Community, Yaqui Nation, the Tohono O'odhom Nation, and works with Native American Connections in Phoenix, Arizona. As a participant, you and your group will be guided through an amazing process of birthing your OWN DRUM! Andrew will facilitate as we journey inside the space of Native American hand-drum building focusing our intentions on healing. This two-hour workshop and ceremonial space will allow your team an opportunity to ground into the ancient technology of drum building and drumming as a practice. You will be learning the cultural significance of the Native American hand drum and how you can incorporate these teachings into your contemporary life. This process is not about taking from one tribal culture, but instead about integrating the wisdom that many tribal cultures share.

For thousands of years, tribal communities have used this technology of the drum for healing community development and FUN. It is important that everyone - regardless of race, religion, or self-identity be given an opportunity to share in the empowering nature of the drum build.

Feel free send us an email and ask us how we can help your group, organization, or team connect in a meaningful and beautiful way. "Every time we gather, it is a moment in our collective history to walk in beauty."

This meditative process will allow you and your team a broader understanding of how this spiritual technology can enhance your community and world. The best part? Everyone will walk away with a drum to remember what we did together and the tools to use the drum to heal and transform energy!