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The Drumming Sounds drum circle facilitation method is about harnessing the ancient tribal technology of drum and dance in a ceremonial setting that allows for participants to foster a relationship with one another regardless of age or any other contributing demographic .

Drumming Sound has over 20 years of Festival experience and has worked with some of the largest music festivals in the country including McDowell Mountain Music Festival Phoenix Arizona, Firefly Music and Art festival Flagstaff Arizona, Lucidity Festival Santa Barbara California, Symbiosis Festival San Francisco California, Long Beach Love Fest Long Beach California, Blue Stargate Los Angeles California , Fiah on the Water Sacremento California,  and Neotribal the Gathering Phoenix Arizona. Over the many years of exploring festival culture our trained facilitators have created an Innovative approach to fostering an experience that reaches into the heart and empowers people to connect deeply with one another. Leaving everyone that goes to your festival with memories that last a lifetime.  

Drumming Sounds can create a theme area (camp)  or a simple workshop for your festival, depending on what your needs are and what kind of space you need filled. We have worked in the festival environment enough to know that flexibility and meeting the needs of our clients is paramount.

Some of our offerings Include:

Drum Circles
20 to 100 person drum circles we supply all the instruments from all over the world creating a container for diversity manifesting in way of unity the metaphor is expansive. We then facilitate an intentional  experience that harnesses the oldest mind body wellness activity drumming and dancing.

 Drumming and Dance Classes
We have facilitators that can create classes from a variety of disciplines including West African , Native American , Middle Eastern, Indian, And Latin American. These class bring a variety of culture to your festival and impart a sense of cultural diversity to your festival patrons.  

Opening Ceremonies
Drumming Sounds is all about intention and we  love to work with Festival Producers to create an intentional space at the beginning of the festival through ceremony we can facilitate a call to the direction. This ancient tribal form of ceremonial connection to the 7 sacred directions is know as a call to the directions we have experience in this ceremony and would love to enhance your festival with conscious container of community development.

Family Area
Have you as a festival producer thought about fostering a relationship to families ? At Drumming Sounds we can work with your organization to produce a full scale family area with one two three or even fours days of programming, Our amazing group of collaborators can produce a meaningful safe family area that will open your gathering to new audiences and broader markets. We have team of professionals that will not only produce Drum Circles but many other forms of integrative and experiential art  including Circus, Flow , Painting, Poetry we also offer  Wellness programs  such as Yoga, Sound Healing, Martial Arts, Nutrition, This area can bring your organization new sponsor opportunities.
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