Drumming Sounds offers a unique approach to creating a birthday experience. A birthday can be an awesome time of connection with family and friends in the celebratory process of honoring that special individual. Our message at Drumming Sounds is always about creating an intentional space for people to experience the life of the individual we are celebrating. This intentional process is good for all ages; whether your birthday guy or gal is turning 1 or 101 we work to create a  meaningful & memorable celebration experience and opportunity to acknowledge and embrace our relationship with the individual we are celebrating! Our birthday parties are meaningful engaging and fun!  We can supply drums,chairs, shade structures and any other needs in association with creating a spectacular space that all will enjoy!

Our approach to a birthday party is to look at the ideas and concepts of the people who are helping to create the celebration, we will work with you to design a meaningful expression for that specific person, incorporating their needs and your vision, joining it with our creativity and over 20 years of drum circle experience to create that once in a lifetime celebration for your loved one.

Some ideas of what can be incorporated include but are not limited to; things such as Native American, Middle Eastern, African drum and dance or Neotribal tribal drum and dance, Tribal belly dance, fire dancers and performers and so on. These sorts of expressions of authenticity and time honored gatherings have been a part of the human celebratory process for thousands of years.

At Drumming Sounds we feel that we have created a model that can enhance the celebration of any person that would like to utilize our expertise in creating a meaningful birthday. A drum circle will create wonderful and amazing experience for you, your guests & that special someone! Don’t create the same ol’ party, dance to the beat of a different drum with Drumming Sounds!

Our packages start at $250, growing depending on your budget and the amount of people that you would like to entertain. Most of our birthday party experiences last from 1-2 hours and can be a main focal point of your next party!  Just get engaged? Getting married? Corporate team building? Graduation? Special anniversary? We can meet the needs of any gathering & offer the full love, support, creativity, experience and innovation of the Drumming Sounds team!

Listen to what our last birthday said About Us..

"Andrew and his team were awesome. They setup up for a  birthday party for about 18 people. Everyone was included and had drums. A cleansing and short lesson was given and then the experience began.  Although fun, I believe each person also pulled what they needed at that moment. Healing, release, positive energy and a moment of togetherness and unity.  Thank you so much for sharing your gift with us!"